Unoccupied property Council Tax exemptions

Properties which are occupied, or persons occupying the property, may be exempt from Council Tax if they fall within any of these groups:

  • occupied wholly by students and school leavers.  Please provide full details with the student certificate/s or letter/s from the school/s. (Exempt Class N)
  • student halls of residence. (Exempt Class M)
  • occupied wholly by young people under 18 years of age.  Please provide full details with proof of age i.e birth certificate, passport. (Exempt Class S)
  • occupied wholly by severely mentally impaired persons providing that the person would be liable for Council Tax if they weren't mentally impaired. (Exempt Class U). If you can't complete the online application below, please email
  • British forces barracks and married quarters, please provide full details. (Exempt Class O)
  • accommodation for visiting forces. (Exempt Class P)
  • properties occupied by Diplomats (or members of International Headquarters Organisations). (Exempt Class V)
  • granny annexes occupied by an elderly or disabled relative of the persons living in the adjoining property. Please note, that 'elderly' refers to any person aged 65 years or over and 'disabled' refers to any person who is mentally impaired or is substantially or permanently disabled. (Exempt Class W)

If you think that your property or your current situation falls into any of the above exemption categories 

Apply for council tax exemption