A young carer is anyone who is under the age of 18, and who looks after an adult in their household - for example a parent, grandparent, or older brother or sister.

You may find that you have more responsibilities around the house than other children of your age, and this can feel stressful or overwhelming at times. Sometimes you may feel under pressure to take time off school to help around the house, or may not have time to go out with your friends, do homework, or play.

Many young carers find it difficult to talk about being a carer. They worry that people will think they aren't coping, or that their family will be split up if they don't carry on with their caring role. But it's important to understand there are organisations there to help and support you, so you can balance your responsibilities with your personal life and not miss out on things.

This section will tell you who a young carer is, what support and advice you can get, and how you can get it.