Children’s Centres

Children’s centres

These centres bring together a wide range of services for children from birth to five years and their families. They are sometimes called Sure Start Children's Centres.

The centres make it easier for children and their families to access services such as:

  • health
  • employment
  • childcare and
  • family support closer to where they live

In Sutton we have six hub centres, four access points and one child development centre.

A hub centre is open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, and offers a full range of children's centre services including:

  • New Parents Group
  • Information and advice
  • Health services
  • Housing and benefits advice
  • Activity sessions
  • Family support groups
  • Speech and language groups

An access point is a delivery site for one off or planned sessions including:

  • Music and rhyme
  • Play and learning
  • Baby massage

Who can use this service?

Children’s centres are open to all families with children under five. Whether you are a:

  • parent-to-be
  • mum
  • dad
  • grandparent or
  • carer

You are welcome to use any children’s centres in Sutton.

We want you and your children to be able to have the support you need to get involved in your children’s learning and development so they can reach their full potential. This means providing the support you need where you need it.

Where is my local children's centre? 

You can see a list of our children's centres in our Family Information Service directory 

We have created a borough wide programme, so you can see what is running each day across all of our Children's Centres. Please download the borough programme below: