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Environmental sustainability

COP26 climate action events and activities

This November, we’re running a series of events and activities to raise awareness of the climate emergency, what it means for Sutton and what we can do to tackle it together.

The events and activities are being held in the run up to and during the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow on 1-12 November, where world leaders are coming together to accelerate action towards tackling climate change. Find out more and get involved.

Why is sustainability so urgent? The Climate Emergency and what it means in Sutton

Our climate is changing because of human activity. We’ve got to act fast to prevent catastrophic climate change. On the 22 July 2019 Sutton Council declared a climate and ecological emergency.

We’ve put together some information about what climate change will mean for Sutton. To understand more about the science of climate change, visit the Met Office website.

What is the Council doing?

In October 2020, the Council published a revised Environment Strategy and Climate Emergency Response Plan. We are working to improve our environmental impact and make living and working in Sutton more sustainable by setting ourselves challenging targets and are delivering projects and initiatives to meet these.

The council will be working closely with other London boroughs as well as business, schools and community groups to  implement the Environment Strategy and Climate Emergency Response plan.

What can you do?

There’s a lot each of us can do to reduce our environmental impact. We’ve put together some handy hints and tips for things you can do around your home and local area to save money and improve the environment. From walking and cycling, to using less energy and water, to reducing your waste and reusing items.

There are also lots of green volunteering opportunities in the borough where you can get involved with improving the local environment.