Tree preservation orders

Trees in conservation areas

It is offence to carry out the following works:

  • Uproot
  • Cut down
  • Top
  • Lop
  • Wilfully damage or
  • Wilfully destroy

to any tree located within a conservation area that measures more than 75 millimetres in diameter when measured 1.5 metres above the ground.

Anyone wishing to carry out works to such a tree in a conservation area must give notice to the council in writing at least 6 weeks before they wish to carry out the work.

To apply please visit the Planning Portal.

It is an offence to carry out the works unless you have given notice in writing to the council, and either:

  1. you have received a decision; or
  2. 6 weeks have expired since you served a valid notice on the council and you have not received a decision.

Anyone found guilty of this offence is liable, if convicted in a magistrate's court, to a fine up to £20,000.

If the council does not determine the application within the 6 weeks referred to above the works may automatically proceed providing the works are carried out within 2 years of the notice.