Information, advice and support for young people

Personal safety

Avoiding crime

You probably know someone who's been a victim of crime – they might’ve been mugged, had their mobile stolen or attacked because of their skin colour or religion.

These things shouldn’t stop you from going out and living, but by knowing how to stay safe you’ll feel a lot more confident.

Don't make yourself a target

One way of avoiding crime is to make yourself less appealing to criminals. You can do this by not advertising your valuables – don’t use your mobile or wear lots of jewellery.

Be aware of your surroundings and act confidently – then you can steer clear of trouble if you see it. Listening to music automatically halves your awareness as you can’t hear what’s going on around you.

If you think someone's following you, cross to the other side of the road and keep walking. If you still think they're following you, head for a well-lit area where there are lots of people. Always ask someone for help if you need it.

Safe on the streets

  • don't walk around alone at night, and try not to get buses or trains alone at night
  • stick to well-lit pavements - never take shortcuts down a dark alleyway to get home earlier
  • let someone like your family or friends know where you are all the time

If you are mugged, don’t put yourself at more risk - as soon as you can, get somewhere safe quickly and contact your family and the police.

Scream and shout, but hand over whatever you're asked for. It's better to run and be safe than fight and get hurt.


Do you know how you're getting home tonight? If you're going out for a night on the town with your friends or catching the late flick at the cinema, you might find that when it's time to go home it's so late that the buses and trains have stopped running. Either that or you sensibly decided not to drive because you knew you were going to be having a couple of drinks.

Before you set out, it's worth planning your journey home so that you know you'll be getting back safely. Find out more about Cabwise and the mobile app.


If your phone, iPod, laptop or bike are stolen and you don’t have insurance, then you’re pretty stuck. If you register them with Immobilise, they automatically appear on the national police stolen property database.  This makes it much harder for thieves to sell them on, and makes it more likely they’ll be handed in to the police.