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Abandoned and untaxed vehicles

Report abandoned vehicles on public roads

You can report abandoned vehicles using our online form. 

(Sorry, if the vehicle is not abandoned and is blocking your driveway you need to contact the Police.)

Is the vehicle taxed?

Vehicles don't have to display a tax disc any more. 

You can check the tax status online with the DVLA. You just need to know the vehicle registration and make. Remember to take a note of the date the tax was due - you'll need it when reporting the car to us: 
Check whether a car is still taxed with the DVLA.

Is the vehicle abandoned?

A vehicle is probably abandoned if: 

  • it's no longer taxed 
  • it's been in the same spot for a long time - eg more than 3 weeks
  • it's damaged with flat tyres, wheels removed or broken windows
  • it's burnt out
  • the number plates are missing

Report the vehicle

You can report an untaxed vehicle on a public road, you'll need to give:
  • the date the tax was due
  • the vehicle's make, model, registration number (shown on the number plate) and colour
  • the street where the vehicle is (or nearest street)
  • your contact details in case we have difficulty locating the vehicle