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Our facilities

Aqua Therapy Suite

Our Aqua Therapy Suite is an excellent way to relax, ease muscles and allow gentle exercise.
  • the suite and pool is fully accessible (step, hoist or chair access)
  • please note - If using the hoists please bring your own water hoist if you have them, if not we have a selection, however are not able to offer advice on which would be suitable for your user. Max weight for hoist = 200kg
  • pool kept around 32-34ºC, much warmer than a standard swimming pool for maximum muscle easing benefit
  • gentle lighting both above and below the water to add to the relaxing atmosphere
  • changing rooms on two sides of the pool area, including accessible, showers, toilets, trolley bed changing room, and carer changing room space
  • pool side assistance as part of your hire charge, this is a member of the Inclusion Centre Team ensuring correct safety procedures are being followed and to help in the event of an emergency evacuation
Just some of the benefits of Aqua Therapy
Gentle exercise, stretches or physiotherapy in water can help those who may find movement painful or difficult.
Buoyancy – Reduces the force of gravity on the body, making it easier to perform movements. The buoyancy of the water supporting limbs, removing pressure and weight on the body. This can also help the wellbeing of a person, allowing the freedom of movement without assistance whilst supported in the water.
Temperature – With the water of the pool being kept around 33ºC, muscles and joints are able to become more relaxed and flexible. The warmth and buoyancy combined also can help reduce muscle spasms and or pain. Water Pressure (Hydrostatic Pressure) - The pressure that water gently applies to the body can improve circulation and decrease blood pressure.

The Sensory Room Experience

Sensory rooms can be used for therapy, education, recreation and leisure for those with physical/learning disabilities, complex needs, sensory impairments and/or mental health conditions. There are three rooms to choose from here at the Inclusion Centre.
They are all designed to be fully accessible, with H-frame hoists and use of beanbag pillows or wedges where needed. All the rooms are fitted with an aromatherapy diffuser and a CD player which provides another level of sensory experience.

The Light Sensory Room

The light room uses light and sound creating a relaxed environment that can both calm and stimulate individuals.
Some features of the room include:
  • musical heated waterbed
  • colour changing bubble tube
  • there are also fibre optic lights
  • a laser sky projector illuminates a twinkling starry effect around the room
  • rotating projector which has a variety of image effects

The Dark Sensory Room

A navy blue painted room, designed to be used with minimal or no room lighting. Dark sensory rooms are ideal for work with visual impairment through sensory integration therapy.  This is also the smallest of our sensory rooms, allowing close 1:1 interaction between user and member of staff/parent/carer accompanying them.
Some features of the room include:
  • ultra violet light is used with UV reactive equipment
  • a fibre optic curtain
  • an ‘Infinity and beyond’ light panel
  • a light totem which changes colours gently
  • the music system can be played to be heard in the room or through a media bean bag allowing sound and vibrations to be felt by the user

The Interactive Sensory Room

Changes have been made to this room in May 2017.

This sensory room can be used for both activity and for relaxation. It has more open space allowing a variety of games and movement based interactive play to take place. The room is designed with a number of objects within it which interact with each other, allowing matching colours, body and special awareness to be explored within the space. Mirrored panels of differing sizes and shapes allow work with clients on body awareness, whilst a whole range of tactile panels which can be wall mounted or used on laps.

Some features of the room include:

  • talking soft play cube has brightly coloured sides and when rolled will change the colour of bubble tubes, wall panel, and announce the colour to the user from the wall speakers. The cube’s voice announcements can be easily re-recorded with the wall-box to change what the various sides say when they are rolled to allow you to make up your own games suitable for your user/s
  • two bubble tubes can be used in conjunction with the play cube or alone
  • the colour match panel offers more game play
  • a rotating projector which has a variety of image effects to display on the walls
  • a fibre optic curtain
  • Soft seating and padding around the bubble tubes
  • Convex mirror panels
  • Moveable tactile squares, sound and movement panels
  • Rainmaker spinning panel

First time to our Sensory rooms, or coming with a new carer?

As the Sensory Rooms are full of specialist equipment to ensure correct and safe usage, part of our Terms and Conditions state that accompanying carers must have had an Induction Session with a member of the Inclusion Centre Team prior to using rooms with a client.
Please contact us to arrange an Induction if you haven’t yet had one.

The Sutton Inclusion Centre is open Monday – Friday 9am-5pm
Outside of these hours please leave us a message and we aim to respond as soon as possible during the next working day.
Telephone: (020) 8641 4275
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