Finding somewhere to live

Extra care housing

If you are finding it difficult to remain independent in your own home as a result of health problems you may be surprised at the options available to help you overcome the problems which you are experiencing - have a look at the staying in your home section for some ideas.

If you do decide to move somewhere new then it is important to make the right choice so that you can feel safe within your new home, whilst remaining as independent as possible. There are various housing options available to you, including extra care housing.

Extra care housing usually provides a higher level of support than you might get in your current home, including in sheltered or supported accommodation. It generally provides a lower level of support than you might receive in a care home but allows you to retain some privacy, and encourages you to stay as independent as possible.

To receive extra care housing in Sutton you must be at least 55 years old and be assessed as needing care and support. The priority consideration is that moving into an Extra Care Housing scheme could help you to stay as independent as possible.

What is provided
Flats are self contained with safety and security features, lifts and assisted bathing facilities. All flats have a community alarm installed. There are also additional shared facilities, such as laundry rooms, living rooms, guest rooms and gardens.  Some Extra Care Housing schemes provide additional services such as a cafe, lunchtime meals or an on-site day care service. Flats are unfurnished, so you will need to supply all essential items including carpets, curtains, furniture and kitchen equipment. 

Housing support
A sheltered housing officer or court manager works at each scheme to oversee the day to day running and maintenance of the homes. They are available to talk to in office hours and can help new tenants settle in,  contact local health, support and leisure services, set up on-site social activities as well as providing advice and support with any housing related issues.

Your care and support needs can be met by the on-site care team. The amount of care and support you need will be set out in your agreed support plan. The care team will then agree with you how this will be delivered. Some of your care and support needs may already be met by your family or friends; you can continue this arrangement in extra care housing. You also have the option of having a direct payment and arranging your own care and support if you prefer.

What you will pay
The tenant is responsible for paying their rent and council tax. If you are on a lower income, you may be eligible for housing benefit and/or council tax reduction. A service charge is included with rent which, depending on the scheme, could cover some fuel charges, and the cleaning and maintenance of shared areas and gardens.

You may need to contribute towards the support provided in the scheme, the alarm call service and the care that you receive, but only after an individual assessment by the council of your ability to pay.

What is available in Sutton
There are two extra care housing schemes for older people in Sutton - Belsize Court, 18 Burnell Road, Sutton SM1 4BH and Cloverdale Court, 10-14 Stanley Park Road, Wallington SM6 OEU.

Other information and advice
Independent Age provides a guide to extra care housing.

The Elderly Accommodation Counsel is a national charity that aims to help older people make informed choices about meeting their housing and care needs.