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Young carers

Requesting a children's assessment

Young people who look after a relative may benefit from a children's assessment, after which they may be able to receive additional support. The kinds of services that may be offered include:
  • practical help in the home
  • provision of, or support to get, a radio or television, access a library, or similar recreational facilities
  • recreational facilities outside the home and help to use educational facilities
  • travel and other assistance
  • home adaptations and facilities
  • holidays
  • meals
  • telephone and other related equipment.
Other services may be provided such as advice and guidance, laundry services and financial help in exceptional circumstances.

The assessment
The initial assessment addresses three issues. These are:
  • deciding whether the young person will receive any services
  • the sort of services that may be needed
  • whether a more detailed assessment (known as a core assessment) is needed.
An initial assessment may include interviews with the young person, the person being cared for and the rest of the immediate family, and information gathering from other agencies (the family doctor, teachers etc) where appropriate.

This could be followed by a core assessment which is more in depth. This would involve liaising with other agencies or individuals, who would contribute specialist knowledge or undertake specialist assessments.

Preparing for an initial assessment
A social worker will usually come to your home to talk to young person who is a carer and their parents or guardians. They should ask for information about the young person, for example, their health, emotional, social and behavioural development, their family and social relationships, and their progress and achievement in learning.

As well as the young person's disability and health needs, the social worker should also consider other aspects of the young person's life, for example, education and religious or cultural needs.

The assessment should focus on the circumstances of both the young person and the rest of the family.

Contacting your council about a children's assessment
Fill out a Supported Self Assessment for Carers form or ring the Peoples Contact Centre on 020 8770 6080 to arrange a social worker visit to assess your situation.