Our Digital Strategy

Digital Initiatives

Digital Initiatives


Following our Digital Strategy, here are some of the major digital projects we are planning on delivering to achieve our digital goals.



Sutton’s Smart Place project focuses on finding innovative solutions through the use of technology to improve the lives of people in the borough.  We have four initial areas which we are working on to explore options and run pilots to test the market. This will inform what a future service offer might look like if we were to commission as a service:

  1. Improving people's awareness of the importance of air quality using a gamification app

  2. Encouraging people to live independently using assistive technology

  3. Encouraging vulnerable people to travel independently

  4. Understanding how technology is used in relation to domestic abuse.



Making provision for a fit-for-purpose digital infrastructure is pivotal in terms of our ambitions in the borough. The availability of high quality internet access and related communications is an ever more important consideration as technology develops. The opportunity exists to improve connectivity across the borough for all residents.

 Part of the Digital Strategy is to ensure all residents are able to benefit from online services, whether that’s providing the ability for residents to pay their bills or apply for jobs.  The Council is acting as a facilitator to grant access agreements to providers of communication and broadband services to Council-owned properties in order to support digital inclusion, communications, networking, leisure and learning opportunities. This is an exciting opportunity to enable gigabit speed connectivity for social housing tenants, supporting digital inclusivity to those who previously have never had access.



We led the procurement and acquisition of a new supplier to replace our existing CRM platform with a new Digital Customer Platform that will transform the way our residents consume council services. As part of this work we will integrate and improve the entire customer journey which will include the ability for residents to make scheduled bookings, online payments and better reporting.  This will enable us to deliver efficiencies, savings and a much better service offering.