Sutton's digital strategy

Priority Areas - Digital Initiatives 

Our digital vision will be delivered by a set of digital initiatives guided by our principles.

Digitally Inclusive and Self-Service 

As a council we will be moving towards the principle of ‘digital by design’ across our services. 

We will review our services to ensure (where feasible) they become digitally inclusive to allow our customers and businesses to interact through the web and increase the ability to self-serve.

What we have done

  • we have invested in our industry leading and award-winning Customer Relationship Management System. This provides a digital platform capability for the council to continue to build modern digital content services.
  • we have upgraded our website, modernising how it looks,  making it more intuitive, based on customer use and feedback. 

What we will do

  • the content of our website, including our online forms, will be re-designed to ensure that information is easier to find and tailored to our customers needs and we will look to increase the use of online forms where feasible, reducing the need for telephone or face-to-face contact
  • we will increase the ways we communicate with residents and businesses to include more social media interaction through facebook, twitter, LinkedIn etc
  • we will collect more data about the customer needs, trends and interaction data to allow us to provide better customer services in the future
  • we will be looking to make self-serve channels easier to use, creating time for us to focus on our customers more complex needs
  • our customers will have the option to transact online through a personalised account.

People and Business Focussed 

We will move to a principle of people and business focused. Our services will be re-designed according to the needs of our customers.

We will work to understand our people and business customer journeys to understand how they interact with different teams across the council and look to improve our overall service provision.

What we have done

  • we have invested in an industry leading Customer Relationship Management System (Microsoft Dynamics) to help us better manage our resident and business relationships and provide better data analytics, so that we can continually look at ways to improve our services

What we will do

  • we will ensure that we make a focussed move towards digital channels of communication
  • we will embark on a programme of ‘Service Redesign’, where we will redefine all customer-facing service activities, delivering a seamless customer journey, across departments, with better outcomes. The focus of the programme will be to understand our customer journeys and their touch points, so that we can put improvements in place
  • we will automate routine processes, where possible, and reduce the load on service areas to release efficiencies
  • digitalisation will be a key part of the service re-design and will use mobile technology, where possible, to enhance the service our customers receive

Engagement with communities and businesses using digital platforms

What we have done

  • we have developed the Opportunity Sutton website, which offers multiple possibilities for residents and businesses to engage with the events organised and to find support in every step of creating or expanding their activities

What we will do

  • we will improve on the use of social media for engagement with communities and businesses
  • we have invested in an industry leading Content Management System (CMS) to host a newly redesigned website and will exploiting the use social media tools (Facebook, twitter etc) that come along with the new CMS system
  • we are looking to invest in an ‘Electronic Care Monitoring’ system which allows us to track and monitor the quality of care provided by care provider companies to residents in our communities
  • where possible, we will adopt a multi-agency approach in delivering services to our residents and communities. This means jointly working with police, schools, health trusts and other agencies to deliver services more efficiently
  • we are developing a “shared ” view of resident data. We plan to link up our digital delivery with key partners in Public Health and Adult and Social Care
  • crowdfunding - we plan to explore pioneering technological solutions to help bridge inequalities in our borough. This digital mechanism will tap into the borough’s resources and help residents to be independent. We believe that crowdfunding and social media platforms can and should form a vital local digital infrastructure to help build local resilience and support businesses
  • we will look to harness ‘open data’ to help provide better targeted services, greater collaboration and greater efficiency.


We will ensure that we have common capabilities in place as part of our network infrastructure that not only let us support our current vision, but allow us to fully exploit future opportunities i.e. WiFi. 

Our Smart Place Initiative will look to use latest technology to develop new services and solutions, all made possible by improved data flows and infrastructures across our public sector partners.

What we have done

  • we have delivered on a ‘Workforce Transformation’ initiative, by introducing ‘Modern Desktop’ technology on a improved infrastructure to enable a mobile workforce. Council staff now have the opportunity to work outside of the office providing better flexibility in dealing with our residents and businesses

What will we do

  • we are commissioning a project to provide access to free public WiFi across Sutton whilst also generating an income stream for the council. This will help make the borough attractive to business investment and growth with digital connectivity being an important factor for businesses when deciding where to locate or relocate. The project will provide local people with online access to more services from more locations making digital contact with the council easier
  • we are looking to invest in a ‘Smart City’ initiative, bringing together the public, voluntary and private sectors to support improvements to the quality of life for residents across the borough
  • the inclusion of sensors will provide a range of data to help manage a pollution levels, traffic flows and demand of commercial waste across the borough. This will help with the implementation of the council’s plans, services and projects, including the Sustainability Strategy, the London Cancer Hub, the Sutton Town Centre Masterplan and adapting the timings of commercial waste collections
  • as part of our improvement of Libraries, we have embarked on a program of work to provide a better network infrastructure and new services.