Sutton's digital strategy

Smart Place

Sutton Council’s Smart Place project is about finding innovative solutions, including the use of digital technology, to improve the lives of people in the borough.

Based on priorities identified as part of our work on The Sutton Plan, there are three key challenges we want to focus on first:

  • Supporting older people to live independently, make informed choices about their future care provision, reduce isolation and increase digital confidence. 

  • Improving Sutton's environment – including community engagement in local democracy, the town centre and its management, air quality, parking and congestion;

  • Supporting independent travel for those in the borough that need support to travel on their own, whether young people or adults, and importantly, reassuring parents or carers of the safety of that individual traveller.

On Friday, 10 November, we held workshops focussed on each of these themes and invited residents, public sector partners, the voluntary sector and solution providers to join us to further understand and discuss the challenges ahead. Around 80 people took part, coming from all over the country.

The sessions focussed on each challenge, from the perspective of the user/customer, and were designed to help us explore each theme in detail and discover the possibilities for improving the outcomes of people in the borough.

Participants gave us some very positive feedback and the next step is to examine all of the information gathered. We will then begin an open procurement exercise to help us find the right solutions for Sutton.

Find out more about the workshops here:

See Councillor Simon Wales talking about Smart Place here - 

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