Sutton's digital strategy

Smart Place

Sutton Council’s Smart Place project is about finding innovative solutions, including the use of digital technology, to improve the lives of people in the borough.

Based on priorities identified as part of our work on The Sutton Plan, there are three key challenges we want to focus on first:

  • Supporting older people to live independently, make informed choices about their future care provision, reduce isolation and increase digital confidence.
  • Improving Sutton's environment – including community engagement in local democracy, the town centre and its management, air quality, parking and congestion;
  • Supporting independent travel for those in the borough that need support to travel on their own, whether young people or adults, and importantly, reassuring parents or carers of the safety of that individual traveller.

We launched our first 2 Smart Place challenge opportunities earlier this year, these were:

  • Raising people's awareness of their own impact on air quality and encouraging them to change their behaviour
  • Supporting older people to live independently through the use of technology

In response to our air quality challenge we have now launched the BetterPoints app in the borough - rewarding residents for travelling sustainably and helping us improve air quality. The BetterPoints app tracks your sustainable travel habits, rewards you with points, and you can convert these into vouchers for High Street shops or donate them to charity. We're also running a virtual Treasure Hunt through the app as a free activity for families over the summer, this launches on the 1st of August so download the app to be  notified when it is live! For more information please visit the website for the app here

We're working with MySense on our challenge around supporting people to live independently through the use of technology, and will provide more information as this exciting project looking at how sensor based technology can support improved outcomes for people develops.

We are also continuing to work on our other challenges, including around supporting vulnerable people to travel independently, supporting digital confidence, the digital high street and also digital infrastructure across the borough and will post updates on this webpage and on LinkedIn through  #Suttonsmartplace.

The challenges have been informed through engagement with a wide range of people, including through a workshop on each theme held back in November which included over 80 residents, public sector partners, the voluntary sector and potential solution providers. The feedback and level of interest was really positive, and has been used along with further engagement to inform the challenges which we’re now putting out to the market. For more information please see the slides from each workshop below.

See Councillor Simon Wales talking about Smart Place here - 

Please connect with The London Borough of Sutton on LinkedIn and follow #Suttonsmartplace for updates.