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Annual audit letter

External audit is an essential element in the process of accountability for public money and makes an important contribution to the stewardship of public resources and the corporate governance of public services.

Audit in the public sector is underpinned by three fundamental principles:

  • auditors are appointed independently from the bodies being audited

  • the scope of auditors' work is extended to cover not only the audit of financial statements but also value for money and the conduct of public business

  • auditors may report aspects of their work widely to the public and other key stakeholders

All Council's are subject to independent external review with the final conclusions and recommendations being presented to the Council in the Annual Audit Letter.

To assist public accountability, local authorities are required to publish their Annual Audit Letter and make it readily available to residents of the Borough and other interested parties.

The Annual Audit Letter draws on the findings and conclusions from the audit of the Council that has been undertaken in the last year and includes Grant Thornton's opinion on the financial statements and their value for money conclusion.