Worcester Park fire

If residents would like more information please follow this link

Worcester Park Fire

Report a missed bin collection

We are aware that (Refuse) could not be collected from  SHREWSBURY ROAD SM5 on Friday 6th September due to access issues.  You do not need to report this to us. Our crews will be back to collect this waste as soon as possible. We are sorry for any inconvenience.

Report a missed collection

Before you report a missed bin collection

  • please check that your bins went out on the right day - find your bin collection day  ​​​​
  • our crews have until the end of the day on your collection day to collect your waste. You will not be able to report a missed collection until our crews have advised they have completed the collections on your road.
  • missed collections must be reported within 2 days of your bin collection day.
  • Please note: before you report a missed garden waste collection, please check that you have an up to date subscription.

Once you've reported your missed bin, please leave your waste outside for collection. We aim to collect it within two days (excluding Sundays).

Once you have entered your postcode into our waste reporting tool to find out your collection day or report a missed bin. It can take a couple of seconds to retrieve your address or collection details.

Thank you for your patience.