Parks and facilities

Recreation Grounds


Benhill Recreation Ground

Address: Benhill Rec, Benhill Road, Sutton, SM1 3RP

Area: 2.44 Hectares


  • Playground

How to get there
Bus: S1

Cheam Recreation Ground

Originally the grounds of Cheam Park House built in the 19th Century and known locally as Bethell House after the family that lived there until 1937, Cheam Park was bought by the council and used as a factory to assemble Gas Masks between 1939 and 1940, it was also used as a first aid station and a wardens post. The house suffered a large amount of damage after being hit by a flying bomb during the second world war. Shortly after which, the building was demolished.

Address: Tudor Close, Cheam, SM3 8QS

How To Get To Cheam Park:
By Bus: 151 213 X26 470. Check your route by using the TFL - Journey Planner
By Bike: Sutton cycle network - north to south on east side of park and west to east on south side of park
By Train: Cheam Station (5 min walk through Cheam Village). Check your route by using the National Rail Enquiries - Train Timetable
By Car: Access through Tudor Drive (SM4) off B279

Accessibility: Car park accessed through Tudor Drive, disabled bays available.


  • Football Pitches x6. To hire a football pitch please email:
  • Tennis Courts x4
  • Outdoor Gym
  • Cafe
  • Playground
  • Pavilion (facilities including male and female changing rooms and toilets)
  • Disabled toilets - by the allotment car park
  • Allotment Sites x2
  • Croquet & Bowls Club. Contact: 020 8642 0533 or
  • Table tennis table

Collingwood Recreation Ground

Address: Collingwood Road, Sutton, Surrey, SM1 2RZ

Area: 6.88 hectares


  • Outdoor gym
  • Ball park
  • Skate park and skate bowl
  • Playground
  • Football pitches (leased to Sutton United FC)
  • Table tennis table

Corrigan Avenue Recreation Ground

Address: Corrigan Avenue, Clockhouse, CR5 2QP

Area: 5.86 hectares


  • 3 Football senior pitches
  • 3 Football mini pitches
  • 2 Tennis Court
  • Playground
  • Pavilion, changing rooms and shower
  • Outdoor gym

To hire a sports pitch please email:

Cuddington Recreation Ground

Address: St Clair Drive, Worcester Park, KT4 8UK

Area: 9.97 hectares


  • Bowls Club
  • 4 Tennis Courts
  • Playground
  • Outdoor gym
  • Ball court

Sutton Common Recreation Ground

Address: Sutton Common Road, Sutton, SM3 9NX

Area: 6.4 hectares


  • Ball court
  • Bowls club
  • 3 Tennis Courts
  • Playground
  • Pavilions, Changing rooms and Toilets
  • Outdoor gym
  • BMX cycling course

To hire a sports pitch please email:

Wrythe Recreation Ground

Address: Wrythe Lane, The Wrythe, Carshalton, SM5 2RB

Area: 3.84 hectares


  • Football pitch
  • Playground
  • Ball court

Dorchester Road Recreation Ground

Address: Dorchester Road, Worcester Park, KT4 8NW


  • Playground
  • Outdoor gym
  • Dog free area

Area: 2.5 Hectares

Hamilton Avenue Recreation Ground

Address: Hamilton Avenue, North Cheam, SM3 9RL


  • Playground
  • Youth area
  • Hang out shelter

Area: 2.08 Hectares

Limes Avenue Recreation Ground

Address: Limes Avenue, Carshalton, Surrey SM5 2AA

Area: 1.21 Hectares



Yardley Recreation Ground

Address: Wordsworth Drive, North Cheam, SM3 8HD

Area: 0.55 Hectares