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Emergency planning

How you can help during an emergency

Become an Emergency Centre Officer for Sutton Council:

There are are 3 main types of emergency centre that may be set up during an emergency, dependent on the nature of the emergency and the people affected:

  • Rest Centre  - set up by the Council, the centre will provide temporary accommodation, information, support and refreshments for those who have been evacuated from their homes.
  • Survivor Reception Centre - set up by the Police, where survivors of an emergency who do not require hospital care are provided with shelter and first aid whilst the police undertake initial information/evidence gathering and interviews.
  • Family and Friends Reception Centre - set up by the Police, where friends and family can obtain information about loved ones who may have been involved in the incident. This links to the Casualty Bureau set up by the Police.

Sutton Council are always looking for more volunteers to become Emergency Centre Officer, who may be asked to support in a Rest Centre, Survivor Reception Centre or Family and Friends Reception Centre during an incident. The tasks that you may be asked to do include:

  • staffing the front door and / or the reception desk

  • undertaking reception and registration of evacuees

  • helping with any practical concerns that evacuees may have

  • provision of administration within the centre

  • providing advice, assistance and emotional support to evacuees

All volunteers will receive training in the roles and asked to attend a briefing/refresher sessions each year, and participate in practice exercises.

If you are interested in helping in the event of an incident where an emergency centre is opened, and making a difference in your community when an emergency occurs, please register your interest here.


Register with a Voluntary Organisation:

There are many voluntary organisations that provide support during major emergencies, who have lots of volunteering opportunities available:

  • British Red Cross-  Become a Community Reserve or Emergency Response Volunteer with the British Red Cross here, or have a look at their other volunteer roles here.

  • Salvation Army- Find out how The Salvation Army provides support during emergencies, and their volunteering opportunities here.

  • St John's Ambulance - Find out how St Johns Ambulance provide support during emergencies here and their volunteering opportunities here.

  • Royal Volunteer Service - Find out more about volunteering opportunities with the Royal Volunteer Service here.


Does your community group want to help during an emergency?

If your community group (e.g. a voluntary organisation, faith group, residents/traders association, local charity, etc) would like to get involved in supporting agencies and impacted communities during emergencies occurring in Sutton, we would love to hear from you. Please fill in our Voluntary and Faith Sector Engagement Questionnaire, and we will be in touch to discuss this with you further.