What to do when moving home

If you are moving out of Sutton

Let us know straight away when you move so that you pay the right amount of council tax. 

If you are moving, please use our online form to tell us about this as soon as possible.

Alternatively, you can also tell us of your move by email.

We charge you up to the date you moved out, or when your tenancy ends or when the property is sold if different from the date you move out.  

For more information regarding unoccupied discount and property exemptions please visit our 'Discounts and exemptions' area.

When telling us you are moving, please have the following information:

  • your Council Tax account number found at the top of your bill

  • address of the property you are moving out of

  • the date you are moving,

  • the date your tenancy ends if different from your moving date.

  • the completion date on the sale of your property if different from your moving date.

  • if you were renting please provide the name and address of the landlord or agent.

  • if selling or have sold the property, the name of the new owner or owners or full details of their acting solicitor

  • if you still own the property and are renting it out, the name or names of your new tenant/s and the tenancy starts date

  • your forwarding address

You can also use our Self Serve to notify us of the following:

  • you are the sole occupier of a property and wish to claim a sole occupancy discount

  • notify us if the name(s) detailed on your council tax or business rates bill are incomplete, incorrect or misspelled

  • tell us about a change of name

  • to set up a direct debit instruction

  • to change your direct debit bank details with us