Council tax

Council tax bands and amounts

The amount of council tax you pay is based upon a valuation of your property that was set by the Valuation Office Agency in 1991, which allocates each dwelling into one of eight bands. Your council tax bill shows which band applies to your dwelling.

Part of the money is collected by the council on behalf of the Greater London Authority (GLA) and is used to pay for the services provided by that authority. The amount of money you pay towards the GLA is shown below and separately on your bill.

The table below shows the amount payable by each household (receiving no discount), in each band, for a full year in 2021-2022.

Council tax bands and amounts due

Percentage Increase






Council tax band Range of values (£) Sutton Council (£) ASC Precept (£) GLA Precept (£) Total Council Tax (£)


Up to 40,000

882.51 112.75 242.44 1,237.70


40,001 - 52,000

1,029.60 131.55 282.85 1,444.00


52,001 - 68,000

1,176.68 150.34 323.25 1,650.27


68,001 - 88,000

1,323.77 169.13 363.66 1,856.56


88,001 - 120,000

1,617.94 206.71 444.47 2,269.12


120,001 - 160,000

1,912.11 244.30 525.29 2,681.70


160,001 - 320,000

2,206.28 281.88 606.10 3,094.26


More than £320,000

2,647.54 338.26 727.32 3,713.12

NOTE: The Adult Social Care precept (£169.14 for band D) combines the amount charged in 2016-17 (£23.27), 2017-18 (£24.20), 2018-19 (£25.17), 2019-20 (£26.17), 2020-21 (£27.47) and 2021-22 (£42.86)

What is the "Adult Social Care (ASC) precept"?

In 2015 the government created the Adult Social Care precept, which allowed Councils who provide Social Care to adults to increase their share of council tax by up to an extra 2%. For 2021-22, this has been increased to 3%.

The Government has said that this precept must be shown as a separate charge on all council tax bills. The income generated from this charge is ring-fenced, meaning it can only be used for Adult Social Care services.

Adult Social Care services support some of the most vulnerable members of our communities, largely supporting those in old age and adults with disabilities.

The Adult Social Care (ASC) precept has had to be shown as a cumulative figure on the council tax bill since it was introduced.

The % increase allowed for 2021-22 is 3% of Sutton’s 2020-21 council tax bill (not including the GLA precept). For example, a band D property:

  • 2020-2021 GLA precept = £332.07
  • 2020-2021 Sutton charge = £1428.62 x 3.0% = £42.86
  • 2020-2021 Sutton Total for Band D = £1760.69

The £42.86 is then added to the previous years cumulative amounts for ASC:

  • 2016-17 (£23.27), 
  • 2017-18 (£24.20), cumulative total £47.47
  • 2018-19 (£25.17), cumulative total £72.64
  • 2019-20 (£26.17), cumulative total £98.81
  • 2020-21 (£27.47), cumulative total £126.28
  • 2021-22 (£42.86), cumulative total £169.14

Although the amount on the bill shows a change from £126.28 to £169.14 (a change of £42.86) and what appears to be 33.9%, the actual increase is only 3%, or £42.86. 

These values need to be adjusted for the other bands accordingly, i.e.

(A 6/9; B 7/9; C 8/9; E 11/9; F 13/9; G 15/9; H 18/9).

Council Tax Bands

You can search for your council tax banding using this service from the Valuation Office Agency, the external organisation responsible for maintaining the business rates and council tax valuation lists for England and Wales.

Please note: if you move part-way through the year, your council tax payments will be calculated on a pro rata basis.

Council tax banding appeals

If you believe the banding of your property is incorrect please contact the listing officer at the Valuation Office Agency to make an appeal or telephone on 03000 501 501 (fax: 03000 506 631).

Please make sure you continue to pay your council tax while your appeal is being assessed. Making an appeal does not allow you to withhold payment.

Please note: Some companies have been contacting residents offering them assistance with getting a council tax banding reduction.

If you been contacted by such a company, or if you want to check to see what band your property (or one you are thinking of moving to) is on, we recommend that you contact the Valuation Office Agency directly. It is responsible for assessing council tax bands so you don't need the services of a third party to do this for you.