Sustainable Travel

Cycling in Sutton

Be part of the 'pollution solution' and join the cycling revolution!

See more of Sutton and keep fit while getting from A to B! Cycling offers a quick, convenient, healthy and affordable way to travel around while not creating any pollution. Old bikes can be recycled, or even reused, at the Kimpton Way reuse and recycle site.

Sutton has an extensive network of signed cycle routes following quieter roads and traffic-free paths through parks and along the river Wandle. Cycling is ideal for shorter journeys, taking you from door to door quicker than the car or bus.

Cycle parking stands are provided in town centres and at key destinations such as stations, leisure centres and schools. Many employers also provide secure cycle shelters and the council is providing shelters in residential estates of flats where there is no secure cycle parking.

Sutton cycling strategy

See what the council is doing for cycling in its new cycling strategy.

The cycling strategy sets out how the council is seeking to promote and facilitate cycling, responding to the environmental imperatives of climate change and air pollution, as well as the need to address health and traffic congestion concerns.

Report a problem

If you wish to report a problem with a cycle path or would like to request a cycle shelter or on-street cycle stand please use our online enquiry form.

Make a cycle path or cycle shelter/stand enquiry here