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Cycle skills sessions

Cycle skills for adults

Cycle Skills For Adults

Our cycle training programme is suspended until further notice. To be informed when we are running it again please add your name to our waiting list below.

Cycle Training Waiting List


Whether you are a first time rider or a regular cyclist looking to improve your skills, we provide fully subsidised* tailored training courses to suit your individual abilities and goals. We offer adult group sessions and one to one sessions.
* Subsidised by Transport for London. Subject to availability and funding. Limited to 2 sessions per person.

Group Cycling Sessions at Beddington Park

We run adult group cycling sessions every Saturday (excluding December) in Beddington Park. Learn to ride a bike or improve your skills in a fun and social session! We will provide bikes and helmets to use but you can also bring your own. There are 2 sessions:

9:30am - 10:30am - Learn to Ride

These sessions are for adults that are not yet able to ride a bike independently. Our instructors will help you to start off and pedal a bike unaided.

10:30am - 11:30am - Improving Skills

These sessions are for adults that can ride a bike but maybe haven’t ridden in a while or would like to improve their skills before making journeys on their own. It will cover checking your bike, starting and stopping, controlling your bike,  gears, emergency stops, looking behind and taking your hand off to signal.


Adult One to One sessions

A cycling instructor will meet you at your home or at a local park and will provide cycle training for you on a one to one basis. This can be at whatever level you require, from learning to ride a bike to a session on busy roads or a specific journey that you would like to make. Sessions will last for 1 - 2 hours depending on the level and you can have up to 2 follow up sessions. We can provide a bike for the session if you are a beginner or don't have one yet.


Types of One to One Sessions

Basic cycle skills

Learn to cycle with a free session tailored to you. You will practice in a safe, off-road environment with a fully qualified instructor. In a session you will learn the basics, build skills and gain confidence to navigate around your local area. If you are a complete beginner, we can lend you a training bicycle.

Road confidence cycle skills

Improve your cycling skills and confidence with a free session tailored to you. You will start in a safe, off-road environment to refresh your cycling technique and develop new skills before moving on to practice on quiet roads. Your qualified instructor will support you throughout to help you cycle more confidently.

Advanced cycle skills

Perfect your cycling techniques with a free one-to-one session from a fully qualified trainer. Improve your performance when dealing with complex junctions, heavy traffic or cycling at night and receive assurance that you are cycling efficiently and effectively.

Family cycle skills

Gain confidence and learn skills to cycle as a family with a free family cycling session. In the session a qualified instructor will teach you how to cycle with children, using quiet routes and parks. These sessions offer the opportunity to build on, or prepare for, Bikeability skills taught in schools.

About our sessions

Our professional cycling instructors are nationally accredited and available seven days a week to meet you at a time and place to suit you.

Training sessions are tailored to your needs and last between one and two hours depending on your proficiency and what you want the lesson to cover.

They are fully funded by TfL and you can have up to four free sessions but please note, there is a £10 administration charge for any cancellations within two working days of each session.

  • adults - one-to-one or in pairs

  • families - up to two adults and three children