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Holiday Activities and Food (HAF) Programme

Holiday Activities and Food Programme

Sutton Council has secured funding from the Department for Education to provide a Holiday Activities and Food (HAF) Programme for 6 weeks during the school holidays for children eligible for Free School Meals.

The HAF programme is funded by the Department for Education to provide additional support to eligible families to access holiday activities.

School holidays can be a particularly difficult and challenging time for some families who may have limited access to activities, food or learning opportunities. Sutton Council have worked closely with our partners, including schools, voluntary organisations and existing childcare providers to plan a programme of activities for eligible families during the Easter holidays in 2021. 

What we did over the Easter holidays.

During the Easter holidays we worked with many early years and holiday activity providers to deliver an exciting and varied programme of events. Examples of activities which were delivered were:

  • outdoor sports such as football, cricket and badminton
  • activities specifically for children with SEND, such as cooking, gardening and playing board games
  • nature hunts and team games
  • martial arts and fencing
  • talent shows
  • provided meals for eligible children
  • giving advice on nutritional food 
  • signposting parents to support networks

In addition, we delivered lots of exciting online activities for children and young people to take part in, in the comfort of their own homes. These activities were great to involve more children, especially during the Covid-19 Pandemic where some individuals and families are having to self-isolate. Some virtual activities delivered were:

  • music courses
  • adventure trails
  • drawing competitions
  • storytime
  • health and fitness

Our ambitious programme of events received some great feedback from providers who delivered the activities, for example: 

  • The children really enjoyed being able to play with other children, they loved the activities and being able to play outside making new friends.
  • Children who attended enjoyed the sessions and said that “they all want to return”. The lunches worked well, with parents choosing from a daily/weekly menu that was facilitated by a local coffee shop. Providing a waiting list was good, as we had a couple of dropouts a few days before, so we were able to offer the spaces elsewhere and offer the opportunities to others.
  • Sessions were planned well and went smoothly, children were well behaved, vegan lunches were enjoyed by most children. Children and parents gave good feedback.

Planning for the Summer holidays

Summer HAF


What we  are doing now

We are pleased to announce plans to deliver this Summer’s 4-week HAF Programme, offering 16 hours of free enriched activity each week and a healthy nutritional meal. 

The council is keen to ensure that the Summer programme will be delivered to even more eligible children than we engaged with over the Easter break. If you have suggestions of activities your child would like to take part in, and that we should consider in our planning for the summer please contact us at 

Check this page for updates during the coming weeks for additional information on the HAF programme.

Are you a Holiday Activity/Scheme or Club?

If you would like to participate in delivering a HAF programme this summer, you will need to complete the expression of interest form. The closing date is 11 June at 12pm.

Further Information

Further information on the summer and winter programme will be announced later in the year. 
Parents may also be eligible for Tax free childcare and other support to help with the cost of childcare to find out more visit
If you would like to contact the HAF programme Team please email
If you are a holiday activity/ scheme or club that would like to be involved in this programme please email us at the address above. We would love to hear from you!