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Holiday Activities and Food (HAF) Programme

Holiday Activities and Food Programme

Sutton Council has secured funding from the Department for Education to provide a Holiday Activities and Food (HAF) Programme for 6 weeks during the school holidays for children eligible for Free School Meals.

The HAF programme is funded by the Department for Education to provide additional support to eligible families to access holiday activities.

School holidays can be a particularly difficult and challenging time for some families who may have limited access to activities, food or learning opportunities. Sutton Council have worked closely with our partners, including schools, voluntary organisations and existing childcare providers to plan a programme of activities for eligible families during the Summer holidays in 2021. 

Summer HAF


Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

The activities listed below are available to children and young people with SEND. Please contact the individual provider to discuss your child's specific needs and further support they may require.

Activities taking place during summer 2021

Please see a map showing where the HAF providers are located in the Borough.

  • Tollo Academy

Activity on offer: Summer Multi-Sports 2021.
Description: Various sports activities for children and young people.
Age range: Children in Year 1 - 7.
Date and time:  Mon 26 July - Thurs 19 Aug, 10-2pm.
How to book: Book through their website:

  • Supreme Education

Activity on offer: Classes and lessons in various areas and sports.
Description:  Drama, monologue, script-writing, film making, arts & crafts, Maths and English booster, healthy eating lesson, football, athletics, cricket, rounders, tag rugby and much more.
Age range: 8 - 15 years.
Date and time: Mon 26 July - Thurs 19 Aug, 10-2pm.
How to book: Email -

  • MKB Academy

Activity on offer: Moving Kinaesthetic Boundaries.
Description: MKB academy ethos is to make dance accessible and all-inclusive promoting and creating community cohesion. They provide a range of dance and fitness classes for all ages and abilities across the London Borough of Sutton and  beyond. They work within the educational, private, health, charity and  community sector. 
Age range: 5 -11 years.
Date and time: Mon 26 July - Thurs 19 Aug, 9.30 - 1.30pm.
How to book: Call 07767 741893 OR  Email:

  • Sportsworks

Activity on offer: Multi- Sport and Games activities.
Description: Various sports activities.
Age range: 4 -18 years.
Date and time: Mon 2 Aug - Wed 25 Aug (runs Mon, Tues and Wed only), 10 - 3pm.
How to book: Call 07932 697 499 OR  Email:

  • Crafty Critters Club

Activity on offer: Daily Summer Camp at Cuddington Croft Primary School.
Description: Themed arts and crafts, sports and science experiments.
Age range: 5 -12 years.
Date and time: Every day during the holidays with time slots that can be found on the website -
How to book:  Email:

  • Benhilton Kids Zone Holiday Club

Activity on offer: Various activities  available.
Description: A planned programme of enriching activities and experiences including structured and free play choices within our ‘activity zones’. These include, arts and crafts, cooking, gardening, IT, music, games, sports, outdoor play and visits to parks. 
Age range: 3 -12 years.
Date and time: Mon 26 July -  Mon 30 Aug, 7.30 - 6pm.
How to book: Call  07817 241463 OR Email:

  • Fit for Sports

Activity on offer: Various sports activities available.
Description: Children who attend leave with a greater knowledge of why a healthy lifestyle is important, but also how to lead a healthy lifestyle themselves. They also develop their softer social skills by working in teams and making new friends. Children take part in a range of activities which encourage healthy eating, mindfulness, and regular physical activity. Their participation also helps them become creative thinkers, and develop resilience and confidence.
Age range: 5 -12 years.
Date and time: Mon 26 Craig 07970 499197

July - Friday 27 Aug, 9 - 5pm.
How to book: Call 07970 49919  OR 07789 722687 (

  • Mensah EduSport

Activity on offer: Various activities available.
Description: Football, basketball, multisports, healthy cooking/ eating classes, martial arts, days trips out to museums and the local community farm.
Age range: 6 -13 years.
Date and time: Mon 26 July - Thurs 19 Aug, 10 - 2pm.
How to book: Call 07956479095 OR Email:

  • The Grange playscheme

Activity on offer: Various activities available.
Description: Arts and crafts, adventurous risky play opportunities, sensory room, themed weeks, adult & child led activities.
Age range: 4 -12 years.
Date and time: Mon 26 July - Thurs 19 Aug, 9 - 4.30pm (Mon and Fri).
How to book:  Please complete the booking form.

  • Supreme Education

Activity on offer: Fundamental Summer Holiday Sports Camp.
Description: They will deliver a summer holiday sports camp programme that offers a safe and  supportive environment to support children and young people’s engagement in structured physical activities, nutrition needs, physical development and address social isolation during the summer holiday. We seek to provide an opportunity for eligible children / young people to engage in enriching activities and learn new skills as well as provide a healthy meal for those eligible for free school meals during  school holidays. Drama lessons (monologue, script-writing, film making, improv workshops), arts and crafts, Maths and English booster, lunch , healthy meal and eating lesson, arts and crafts, football, athletics, cricket, rounders, tag rugby, aerobic workout and fitness workout session
Age range: 9 -14 years (places will be allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis, prioritising those with an EHCP or SEND and siblings).
Date and time: Mon 26 July - Thurs 19 Aug, 9.30 - 2.30pm.
How to book:  Email:

  • Come and Play

Activity on offer: Various activities available..
Description: The Club provides a happy and safe environment, where children will have a wide range of activities auch as arts and crafts, quiet corner, board games, team games both in and outdoors, children will also have the opportunity to try new things, promoting children’s learning through planned activities that are challenging but achievable to every child and that interest them.
Age range: 4 -11 years. 
Date and time: Mon 26 July - Fri 20 Aug, 8.30-6pm.
How to book:  Email: OR Call 07867 422211

  • Progressive Martial Arts

Activity on offer: Martial arts available for children..
Description: Multi cctivity days including martial arts, archery, fencing, dodgeball, arts and crafts, fun Fridays with bouncy castles, pizza lunch and movie and popcorn afternoon.
Age range: 5 -11 years. 
Date and time: Tues 27 July - Fri 27 August, 9 - 3pm
How to book:  Email:

  • Orchard Childcare

Activity on offer: Various activities available..
Description: Dinosaur crafts, making musical instruments and cooking.
Age range: 4 -11 years. 
Date and time: From Mon 26 July - Thurs 19 Aug. The club can offer either 2 full days (from 8 – 4pm), or four half days (from 8 – 12pm or 12 – 4pm).
How to book:  Call 07795 847122 OR Emai:

  • Pure Futsal Academy

Activity on offer: Whilst football is the main activity they also introduce the children to other fun sports and physical activities.
Description: They provide quality and safe football coaching and development experience for children and young people using the FA 4 Corner  Model (Technical, Physical, Psychological, Social). They also use a community approach and ensure all sessions are inclusive, friendly and offer participants the chance to have fun, develop social connections and improve sporting skills. They will deliver a summer holiday sports camp programme that offers a safe and supportive environment to support children and young people’s engagement in structured physical activities, nutrition needs, physical development and address social isolation during the summer holiday.
Age range: 5 -15 years. 
Date and time: Mon 26 July - Thurs19 Aug, 9.30 - 2.30pm
How to book:  Call 07900914547 OR Email:,

  • 1st Verse Education

Activity on offer: Sports activities, creative designs, T-shirt printing, Games, excursions.
Description: Enriching the development of young people in order to enable them to live a rich and fulfilled life.
Age range: 11 -16 years. 
Date and time: Mon 2 Aug - Thurs 5 Aug.
How to book: Email:

  • Dramabuds

Activity on offer: Fantastic activities for building confidence, being creative, imagination, Creating stories, acting and performing. Culminating in an outdoor performance.
Description: Peter Pan & Wizards School Summer Camps.
Age range: 5-10years.
Date and time: Peter Pan Mon 26 - Thurs 29 July 10 - 2pm Wizard's School Mon 9 - Fri 13 Aug 1.30 - 4.30pm* (*Till 5.30pm on Friday).
How to book: Call 07789 722 687 OR Email: .

  • Riverside Community Association

Activity on offer: Participants will be active through a combination of sports, arts and crafts, and coding, learning new skills, developing others and being with other members of their community.
Description: The Riverside Community Association Limited, through its Time Out Youth Project, are looking to deliver a range of activities for local children and young people, as part of the Holiday Activity and Food Summer Holiday 2021 provision.
Age range: TBC.
Date and time: Mon 26 July - Thurs 19 Aug (times TBC).
How to book: Call 020 8669 9050.

  • Leo Academy Trust

Activity on offer:Various activities available.
Description: Baking, hama beads, flower pot decorating, mini olympics, nature hunts, board games, arts and crafts sports and much more.
Age range: 5 - 11 years 
Date and time: Mon 26 July- Fri 20th Aug,  7.30-6pm.
How to book: Call 020 8337 4152 OR Email:

  • Jancett Childcare 

Activity on offer:Various activities available.
Description: Art & craft - which is normally themed to celebrate festivities from different cultures, other craft that may teach new skills such as knitting, finger knitting, sewing, various painting techniques, collages, mosaic projects, papier mache, balsa wood projects, clay modelling
Physical activities - the children have the opportunity to play outside every day and have use of the school’s outside areas as well as regular visits to nearby parks. Children can take part in a variety of physical activities including, football, cricket, badminton, obstacle courses, bowls, running games such as tag, sports day activities such as egg & spoon races, 3 legged races, relay races, running races and free play.
Outside play -  weather permitting, all inside activities are set up outside. The children can also take part in bug hunts, where they are given a sheet with pictures of bugs & then go and search for them or they can look for bugs and with the assistance of staff try to guess what they are. Treasure hunts where the children are given maps to follow, water play, loose parts (including items from nature, leaves, twigs, cones etc) and opportunities to grow flowers , cress and other simple vegetables. The children often eat what they have grown and there are projects around the Healthy Eating Plate or discussions around what is and is not healthy
Other areas of play – at holiday clubs the rooms are set up with an assortment of resources that allow children to partake in the Play Cycle. This ensures the children can play freely in the way they wish to play, engaging with other children and allowing staff to interact if they receive play cues. Areas will include role play, small world, board games, water play, various building materials such as lego, snooker table, table tennis, an area for computer games such as the Wii, a quiet area (with books and other resources to help children express how they are feeling) and an area for dance/ drama. Children regularly take part in singing, dancing and drama activities
Age range: TBC
Date and time: Mon 2 Aug - Fri 27 Aug,  7.30-6pm (The activities will run at 3 different locations, Beano's club at Barrow Hedges Primary School, Stanley's at Stanley Park infant and Startel childcare at Holmwood Gardens Wallington)
How to book: Call 020 8669 1725 (option 3)  OR Email:


Sutton Council's Cultural Services - The Summer Programme

This summer, Sutton Council's Cultural Services are bringing it's community a jam-packed programme of events. They have an enormous range of events and activities; from crafts and storytelling sessions that young children will love, to art galleries and workshop classes that teens and adults will enjoy. We've got something for everyone. Have a look at the programme of events and book a place.


Further Information

Further information on the summer and winter programme will be announced later in the year. 
Parents may also be eligible for Tax free childcare and other support to help with the cost of childcare to find out more visit
If you would like to contact the HAF programme Team please email
If you are a holiday activity/ scheme or club that would like to be involved in this programme please email us at the address above. We would love to hear from you!

What we did over the Easter holidays 2021.

During the Easter holidays we worked with many early years and holiday activity providers to deliver an exciting and varied programme of events. Examples of activities which were delivered were:

  • outdoor sports such as football, cricket and badminton
  • activities specifically for children with SEND, such as cooking, gardening and playing board games
  • nature hunts and team games
  • martial arts and fencing
  • talent shows
  • provided meals for eligible children
  • giving advice on nutritional food 
  • signposting parents to support networks

In addition, we delivered lots of exciting online activities for children and young people to take part in, in the comfort of their own homes. These activities were great to involve more children, especially during the Covid-19 Pandemic where some individuals and families are having to self-isolate. Some virtual activities delivered were:

  • music courses
  • adventure trails
  • drawing competitions
  • storytime
  • health and fitness

Our ambitious programme of events received some great feedback from providers who delivered the activities, for example: 

  • The children really enjoyed being able to play with other children, they loved the activities and being able to play outside making new friends.
  • Children who attended enjoyed the sessions and said that “they all want to return”. The lunches worked well, with parents choosing from a daily/weekly menu that was facilitated by a local coffee shop. Providing a waiting list was good, as we had a couple of dropouts a few days before, so we were able to offer the spaces elsewhere and offer the opportunities to others.
  • Sessions were planned well and went smoothly, children were well behaved, vegan lunches were enjoyed by most children. Children and parents gave good feedback.