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Care assessment questionnaire for Adults

If you're over 18 and need help to look after yourself, you could benefit from a care assessment. We’ll use it to work out what help you need and how you might get it.

To start your own care assessment, you can complete our care assessment questionnaire yourself or with help from a friend.

Completing the questionnaire 

You can:
  • complete the questionnaire on a computer and post or email a version back to us
  • print the questionnaire, complete it by hand and post it back to us 

Complete as much of the questionnaire as possible, if you get stuck you can:
  • contact us and we'll try to help
  • leave the answers blank and a member of the team will complete the rest with you
  • ask someone else to complete the questionnaire on your behalf (just make sure the answers are from your point of view)

Sharing information

It's helpful if we can share your information with other organisations, such as the NHS, so we can provide a joined up service. But we won't share your information unless you say we can on the questionnaire. You get to decide how much (if any) information we can share about you.