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Children who need additional support

Early support

Early Support for families and carers


(Please note, where we use “must” this implies statutory duty)

  • We must carry out a needs assessment and have a duty to meet any eligible needs
  • We must support people to live as independently as possible for as long as possible
  • We must consider during assessments whether the people concerned would benefit from some type of preventive service or intervention
  • We must provide information about local provision for children and young people with SEND
  • We will endeavour to identify SEND as early as possible
  • We will identify appropriate support and ensure it is implemented
  • We will ensure young children with SEND have appropriate support to start school
  • We will take into account the rights and responsibilities of parents/carers. We will work in partnership to support parents/carers in their parenting/carer role

Early Support Co-ordinator

The Early Support Co-ordinator is available to help families in the early stages of a child's diagnosis. 

To access services or further information: 

A range of service exist to support families and carers and young disabled children. 

Practitioners and families can call Children's First Contact Service on 020 8770 6001 or email childrensfirstcontactservice@sutton.gov.uk 


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