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Council tax discounts

Students and recent school or college leavers

If you or a family member are a student or have recently left school or college, you may be eligible for a discount. Please refer to the following information before applying.


If you are 18 years or over you may be disregarded from paying council tax and or a discount applied. In the case of a property occupied wholly by students, an exemption from council tax may be granted.

You are classed as a full-time student for council tax if:

  • you are 18 or over and at a prescribed establishment (e.g college, university) which must be in the UK or European Union (you can be engaged in distance learning as long as you meet the other student criteria).

  • you must live in the UK

  • your course lasts at least 24 weeks in the year

  • your course involves at least 21 hours of study a week

  • you are 18 or 19 and on a non-advanced course like A-levels that lasts at least three months and involves at least 12 hours of study a week
You must provide:

  • a letter from the school, confirming that the pupil still studies there and giving the completion date of those studies, will be required

  • you must provide an original council tax student certificate, available from the educational establishment that the student attends, which should be marked with the official college stamp
If you would like to apply please email us, attaching a scanned copy or a photograph of your original certificate - please ensure the copy clearly shows all relevant information and stamps. Also, you will need your council tax account number, found at the top of your paper bill or displayed in your 'MyAccount' details if you have registered.

Additional information to consider:

  • if you are a foreign full-time student with a partner or dependant who is not a British citizen and is not allowed to work or claim benefits you will not have to pay Council Tax. You will have to send us a copy of your partner's passport with the other student details that we need for you

  • student nurses are not classed in the same way as students but may be disregarded for council tax purposes, provided they are undertaking a course leading to first registration on Parts 1-8 on the register maintained under the Nurses, Midwives And Health Visitors Act 1979 and are attending a college of nursing and midwifery or a college of health

  • people aged 18 or 19 years old may be disregarded if they have stopped attending a course of further education between 1st May and 31st October in any year. The disregard will remain in effect until 1st November or the young adult's 20th birthday, whichever comes first