Local committees

Asking a question at Local Committee

Asking a Question at Local Committee update

During the online pilot, the process for submitting a question at a Local Committee meeting may be slightly different.

To assist in the smooth management of the meeting some Chairs may request that you submit your question in writing in advance of the meeting. Question forms will be available on this page when your Local Committee agenda is published, along with the deadline for submitting your question. As well as submitting questions as part of a public question time, there may also be an opportunity to submit a question on other agenda items.

Where possible, written responses will be provided before the meeting so you can ask a supplementary question during the meeting. Due to time restrictions, it may not be possible to take all questions submitted at the meeting. If so, written responses will be circulated after the meeting and included in the minutes.

We look forward to receiving your questions.

Submitting a Question for Local Committees

Formal written questions for any of the six Local Committees can now be submitted by completing a Local Committee Question Form

Where they are received at least 5 working days in advance of the Local Committee, officers will endeavor to return a written response before the Local Committee meeting.

No more than 2 formal written questions may be taken from any one individual or group per meeting.