Private sector housing

Report a problem with your rented property

Private rented properties

The council has enforcement powers to ensure landlords maintain properties so they are free from hazards and disrepair.  If you experience problems with disrepair or health and safety at your privately rented home then first discuss the issue with your landlord and if necessary put your concerns in writing. 

If your landlord does not take any action then contact the council’s Environmental Health team using the online private sector housing enquiry form.  



We can arrange to carry out an inspection of your property, and work with your landlord to ensure the property is an acceptable standard, free from disrepair and hazards.  This may involve the council taking enforcement action to require repairs. 

Further information can be found on GOV.UK

Housing Association Properties

The Council will not investigate complaints regarding housing conditions from tenants of Housing Association properties.
You must first exhaust your Housing Association complaints procedure after which you can take your complaint to the Housing Ombudsman if you remain dissatisfied. This approach is consistent with advice offered by Housing Associations themselves and the Housing Ombudsman.