A message from Cllr Ruth Dombey

Published Friday, 18th May 2018

Leader Elect of Sutton Council discusses her ambitious plans for the next four years


I'd like to thank the residents of our borough for putting their trust and confidence in us for the next four years.

We recognize there are some aspects of what the council does that needs to be improved, particularly some of our frontline services, and I'm absolutely determined to make sure that happens.

We have some exciting and ambitious plans for the future and I'm so looking forward to putting them all into action

We're going to carry on defending St Helier Hospital and make sure that everyone has access to good medical care. And we're going to continue to lobby the Mayor of London against his plans to merge Sutton's police force with those of Croydon and Bromley.

I am really excited about the London Cancer Hub and the job opportunities and the transport improvement that is going to bring. But we also want to focus on mental health, particularly children's mental health, and ensure that everyone gets a good start in life.

We're going to be working with Age UK Sutton to declare Sutton an age-friendly borough where older people are valued and respected, their views are listened to and they have meaningful input into the services that they need.

We also want to strengthen our environmental credentials. We want to increase our recycling rates even further and we want to improve air quality by encouraging people to walk, cycle and use public transport.

And we're going to carry on building homes that people can afford and ensure that all the new development coming into the borough is good design and good quality.

Sutton is a wonderful place to live, work and raise a family. I'm really excited about our future and I'm looking forward to working closely with everyone across the political spectrum, with everyone living and working in our borough, to ensure that we achieve improvements that everyone wants to see.