Sutton Council plants new tree to celebrate fosters carers

A newly planted tree

Published Monday, 3rd February 2020

The new tree will be enjoyed for years to come.

On Wednesday 29 January, Jo Davies, a Sutton foster carer and Jonathan Williams, Assistant Director, People Services Directorate (Children's Social Care and Safeguarding), planted a new tree to celebrate foster carers with the borough. 


Two people stood next to a newly planted tree with spades in their hands

It replaces two older trees in the same spot. The first was planted 20 years ago died of natural causes, and the second was taken out by another falling tree. 

Rodger Thistle, Sutton’s Deputy Mayor planted the original tree twenty years ago with two fosters carers from the borough. He got in touch about replacing it, and Sutton Council wanted to celebrate this tradition.

A tree being planted in 1999

The new tree stands in Oaks Park, in the southern part of the London Borough of Sutton. It was brought in by the Planting Team. Over the last year, the team have planted over 9,000 trees, and this one was the first of ten to be planted on that day. 

Screenshot of a satellite view of a section of Oaks park, where the newly planted tree can be found