Statement: Heathrow Judicial Review

Published Friday, 28th February 2020


Responding to the ruling by the Court of Appeal (27 February) that the expansion of Heathrow Airport was unlawful because the Government failed to consider properly the impact on the climate and the environment, Councillor Manuel Abellan, Chair of Sutton Council’s Environment & Neighbourhood Committee, said:

"I am delighted that the Court of Appeal has made this decision, which supports Sutton Council’s opposition to Heathrow expansion.

“Building a third runway at Heathrow would make it almost impossible for the UK to achieve net-zero carbon emissions in response to the climate emergency.
"The Council also opposes large-scale increases in the numbers of flights into Heathrow as part of proposals to intensify use of the existing runways, as the proposals will mean potentially more air traffic flying over Sutton and some flights at lower altitudes.”  

The Council's full written response to Heathrow Airport Limited’s consultation last year can be seen here.