Congratulations for Sutton’s A-Level Students

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Published Thursday, 13th August 2020

Students in Sutton are once again receiving their A-level results.

Thousands of students across the borough are expected to find out their grades today. Changes in the way that students are assessed have been put into place due to the pandemic, with grades based on work undertaken before most students left classrooms in March. 

Councillor Marian James, Chair of the People Committee said;

“I sincerely hope students get the results they have been expecting – we could not have anticipated at the start of the school year that these changes in the way grades are decided would now be in place. I realise it has been a difficult year, but many students are now anticipating new chapters in their lives, whether that be in work, further study, university or something else entirely! I wish the best to you all.

“Today I also extend a deep thanks to teachers, leaders and support staff across schools and settings for their dedication and resilience during these exceptional times.”