As we enter a second lockdown, please take care of yourself as well as others.

Published Wednesday, 4th November 2020

Leader of Sutton Council, Cllr Dombey, today released a message for the Sutton community

“On Saturday night the Prime Minister announced that England would be going into lockdown for the second time. I know this will have come as difficult news to many.  

The past year has been one of the most challenging in recent history, it has put a strain on us all. But it is at times like this when we see the best in people and in our community. We have all witnessed so many acts of kindness - big and small - throughout the pandemic: from acts of support between neighbours, family and friends to people giving up their time to volunteer for the community. 

As frustrating as a second lockdown can be, it is also an act of kindness as we protect each other through our actions over the next few weeks. The personal sacrifices we make will mean protecting both loved ones and strangers. 

But just as we all make an effort to support the more vulnerable over the next month, let’s not forget our own health, both physical and mental. This week I have written to those who were shielding at the start of the pandemic to reassure them the Council will provide help and support where needed. It is worth reflecting that some of us find it hard to ask for help, even if that help is simply an ear to listen.  

As we head into this second lockdown, let's not forget that there will be an end to this, and let's remember how important it is to both help and be helped. 

Stay safe everyone”



For mental health support speak to your GP or local mental health organisations such as the Sutton Mental Health Foundation. 

If you have symptoms of coronavirus call 119 or visit  

For any other health concerns you have, contact 111 or your GP, and in the case of a medical emergency of any sort, ring 999.

For the new guidance from Thursday 5 October.