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Published Thursday, 18th February 2021

Solar Together London is now open to all Sutton residents interested in installing solar panels on their roofs.

Delivered by the Council in partnership with the Mayor of London, Solar Together London is a collective purchasing scheme which brings together residents to purchase high-quality solar panels at a highly competitive price, helping to increase renewable energy and reduce carbon emissions.

iChooser, an independent expert in group buying schemes, has worked with more than 160 councils to help residents collectively purchase solar panels.

How can I take part?

Registration is free and you can choose whether to proceed with installation once you receive your quote and personal recommendation in April. 

  1. Registration: register before the 22 March for free and without obligation.
  2. Auction: an ‘auction’ will be held on the 23 March where pre-vetted solar installers will submit bids for the work. The more people that register, the better the deal should be for each household. The installer with the most competitive package will win the auction. 
  3. Personal recommendation: from 12 April you will be emailed your personal recommendation, based on your registration details. This includes your costs and specifications of your system. 
  4. You decide: the decision is then yours as to whether you want to accept your recommendation. There is no obligation to continue. You will have until 24 May 2021 to decide and will be invited to an information session. 
  5. Installation: if you accept, the winning installer will contact you to survey your roof and set an installation date. All installations are planned to be completed by the end of October 2021.

Does the Council use renewable energy?

We’ve installed solar panels on our own buildings, which in total generate around 180,000 kWh of electricity per year, saving us approximately £21,000 a year and reducing carbon emissions by over 97,000 kg of CO2 per year. 

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