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“It’s been good to have the reassurance that my mum is being looked after.”

Published Monday, 22nd February 2021

Alison’s mum moved to Sutton in 2020. She has recently been registered blind as well as having vascular dementia.

Here she speaks about the support she and her mum received from the Council’s Sensory Service.  

"Ann was helpful and approachable, giving advice and explaining about the support available should I not be able to take my mum to appointments, which was very useful. 

She helped fill out forms (CV1) to re-register my mum partially sighted in Sutton (as she was previously registered elsewhere) and also helped with applying for a new Blue Badge from the local authority. 

We also went to Sutton Vision at Robin Hood Health Centre and met with Michael and he did an assessment with my Mum to check her needs. 

The Council and Sutton Vision worked seamlessly together and the interaction I've had with Ann has been very useful. Sometimes I wasn't sure who was from the council or another organisation as they worked so well together!

My mum is very impressed with all of the health services and support she's had here. It's a great borough to be in if you are elderly and It's been good to have the reassurance she is being looked after. I've been impressed by how well we have been treated, it's handy to know there are people available at the end of the phone should we need it."


More than 70% of our budget is spent on supporting vulnerable adults and children. Following COVID, more and more residents are needing our help.

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