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Making a difference to everyday species in Sutton

A community group

Published Tuesday, 16th March 2021

Biodiversity describes the variety of all living things on Earth, and how they fit together. Protecting our biodiversity can help us tackle climate change - and improve our health.

“There are everyday species underneath our noses that we can make a real difference to,” says David Warburton, Senior Biodiversity Officer.   

From bat walks to birthday parties, David and his team raise awareness of actions that residents of all ages can take to support Sutton’s biodiversity. 

For some, making a difference means changing the way they garden or taking part in nature surveys, while others are keen to get more involved. 

Sutton Nature Conservation Volunteers (SNCV) work closely with David’s team to manage Sutton’s nature reserves and wider biodiversity. 

“It gives me enormous satisfaction to know that I am contributing to the maintenance of the many varied nature sites throughout the Borough,” says Barbara, an SNCV volunteer for the last nine years. 

“Bramble bashing, coppicing, planting, clearing... I’ve learnt so much and it’s wonderful, especially during this strange year, to be outdoors for a day with like-minded people."

The benefits of connecting with others and learning new skills while supporting Sutton’s environment has also motivated Diana to volunteer for the last eight years:

"I have learnt so much about native wildflowers and trees from the Biodiversity Team.  But that’s not all - working with many different people of all ages and backgrounds has been an eye-opener; and looking forward to our work every week has helped me stay (relatively) sane and healthy.”  

David and his team also work closely with our Planning Team to ensure that our built environment remains as wildlife-friendly as possible. 

This is one of hundreds of services we provide in Sutton. But we are facing a big challenge. 

More than 70% of our budget is spent on supporting Sutton’s vulnerable children and adults. Following COVID-19, more and more residents are needing our help.

Find out how we plan to continue to protect those needing our care and support Sutton’s recovery over the next 12 months. 

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