You can now recycle your biscuit, cracker and cake bar wrappers at Sutton Library!

Images of wrappers which can be recycled at Sutton Central Library

Published Thursday, 10th June 2021

Partial to a Hobnob or a Jaffa Cake? Hate having to put the wrappers in the general waste? Now you don’t have to as we’re trialling a new recycling point at Sutton Central Library.

We’ve joined Terracycle’s Biscuit and Snack Recycling Programme, a scheme which enables biscuit and cracker wrappers to be recycled. 

Once collected, the waste will be sent to Terracycle for recycling.

What can you do

Simply save up all the plastic wrappers from your biscuits, crackers or cake bars, and when you are next in Sutton, pop into the library and place them in the bin provided, located in the main reception area. 

Items accepted for recycling are:

  • Plastic wrappers from all brands of non-savoury biscuit packs
  • Plastic wrappers from all brands of crackers 
  • Plastic wrappers from all brands of cake bars, such as Jaffa Cake bars or Mcvities flapjack packs

Please continue to recycle any cardboard packing in your kerbside collections. Check our A - Z guide to recycling if you’re not sure what to put where. 

How this affects the climate emergency

New products can be created from recycled items. This reduces the need for raw materials and reduces energy consumption, helping to lower carbon emissions. 

As part of our Environment Strategy, we’re supporting the creation of a circular economy in Sutton – this means everything is reused, repaired, or re-manufactured into a new product or recycled.