Update to Worcester Park Flooding

Published Monday, 26th July 2021

Thankfully there have been no adverse weather warnings this evening and we do not expect significant rainfall tonight.

We have now opened all previously blocked roads and we have colleagues on hand working with residents to make good the damage done by the flood water. Our emergency teams continue to work alongside Thames Water and with other agencies to clear gullies and debris. 

We know how upsetting flooding can be and we want residents to know that we stand ready to help when needed. We are prioritising residents in the greatest need of support and working to limit the effects of any further rainfall. The work will continue and if any resident has a concern with which they believe we can help, please get in touch in the usual way. Outside normal office hours the best way to get assistance is to ring 0208 770 5000. In the event, that there is a threat to life or serious danger, anyone should always call 999.

In the meantime, when the immediate danger of flooding has passed we will review our response and learn lessons from these events to better protect our borough in the future. 

Please ring 999 if you need urgent help, or call 0208 770 5000 for council support.