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Ongoing concerns around gas companies

Cllr Abellan

Published Thursday, 23rd September 2021

Councillor Manuel Abellan's Sutton Scene column, Friday 24 September 2021

You may be one of the thousands of people concerned right now about the news of gas companies going out of business. 

It’s a very worrying time financially for lots of people, with the Government’s Universal Credit cut about to come into effect and many already hard hit by COVID.

If your gas supplier is one of those that has gone out of business and you are worried about the supply of gas to your home the advice from Ofgem, the energy supplier watchdog, is that you will not lose your gas supply. You don’t need to do anything, sit tight and wait for Ofgem to transfer you to a new supplier. 

There are currently over 40 gas companies that have already gone under and are now being managed by a new supplier. Citizens Advice has up to date information about the issue, and you can check if your supplier is one of those affected and who has taken over its customers.

If you are struggling financially or worried about any aspect of support you may be entitled to and want to get free information, support or advice, you can pop along to the St Helier One Stop Shop at Hill House. The service is available to all Sutton residents. The next date is Thursday 7 October between 10am and 12noon.

Sutton Council works with Thinking Works, a not-for-profit sustainable energy options company to deliver our Sutton Healthy Homes scheme. They help provide our Winter Warmth home visiting services, where you can get carbon monoxide monitors, free LED light bulbs, a water saving shower head and a visit with advice that can help you with energy reducing tips. Find out more at Thinking Works.


Councillor Manuel Abellan