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Presenting your bins correctly on collection day

When to put your bins out

  • your recycling and waste should be ready for collection by 6am on your collection day, you can check your collection days.

  • make sure your recycling and waste is sorted into the correct containers, when non-recyclable items are mixed up with recycling causes contamination

  • our crews may not be able to collect some or all of it if you haven’t correctly sorted and presented your waste and recycling 

Presenting caddies for collection

  • the handle of your food waste caddy should be left in the locked position  

  • do not use plastic bags in your food caddy (you can use biodegradable liners or wrap your food waste in old newspapers)

Presenting wheelie bins for collection

  • the lid of your wheelie bin is closed

  • leave the wheelie bin with the handle facing out towards the road

  • each household should only have one wheelie general waste bin per collection.

If you live in a house

  • bins, boxes and caddies should be placed at the front of your property, close to the pavement but not on it

  • make sure they can be seen easily from the road

If you live in a house with no frontage 

  • recycling, waste bags and food waste caddies should be placed at the front of your property 

  • if there’s space please keep them off the pavement 

  • if you have to place your bags and caddy on the pavement, do not cause an obstruction for pedestrians (including wheelchair users and pushchairs).

If you live in a flat above a shop

  • you will have been contacted to tell you where you should place your recycling and waste bags on collection day 

  • some flats above shops are asked to place their recycling and waste bags next to the nearest street litter bin 

  • others are able to use bins in service roads at the rear of their property

  • if you're not sure about your collection location, please speak to your landlord or call us on 020 8770 5000

If you live in a flat

  • you should have a communal bin area 

  • if you’re not sure where your communal bin area is, please speak to the managing agent responsible for your block 

  • our crews will normally collect the recycling and waste without you realising, but if you’d like to know what day we visit your block, you can check your collection days