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Sutton School Streets

Sutton School Streets - 2021 Update

We consulted local residents in March 2021 and we received positive responses in support of the schemes. After considering all responses, the council at its meeting of 24 June 2021 agreed to implement the proposed School Streets subject to the statutory process required to implement this type of traffic control. Once this was completed and, having considered both the informal consultation and the statutory process, we went ahead with implementation of 10 schemes. 

We began introducing street signs during October 2021, and the schemes went live from 1 November 2021. This means that you are no longer permitted to drive into the School Street during the hours of operation unless you have registered as exempt. The restrictions are enforced with Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras. There are no physical barriers to stop vehicles from entering so there is no impact on emergency vehicles or other exempt vehicles. 

If you are a resident who lives within the School Street area, you can register your vehicle as exempt. This means you are allowed to drive into the School Street during the hours of restriction. Residents in the surrounding areas who do not live inside the School Street area cannot apply for exemption and need to observe the restrictions at school drop-off and pick-up times. 

Further exemptions apply - see our ‘Exemptions’ page for more information.