“The impact of good housing is far greater than just bricks and mortar”

15 Mar 2021

The Team delivered 93 homes across three sites in 2018/19, and are about to start work on a further 28 homes on five sites.

Their focus is on building homes that not only offer affordable, high-quality accommodation, but also enhance the local environment, to make the borough a great place to live, work and raise a family.

This approach has been applauded by both residents and industry experts.

Gill Daw, Head of the Team, says:

“One resident explained that, after years of being homeless, the impact of having a home of their own has meant they have started work, improved their health and are now building a life worth living. This demonstrates that the impact of good housing is wide reaching and far greater than just bricks and mortar.”

The quality of the homes has been acknowledged by industry experts. The team won the Architectural Client of the Year Award in 2020. 

In their nomination, Bell Phillips Architects noted that the Team “were innovative in that they set the brief and parameters for these schemes with a long-term view.” 

“This approach will deliver value for the communities and cost savings as a result of building robustly.”

This is just one of hundreds of services we provide in Sutton. But we are facing a big challenge. 

More than 70% of our budget goes towards caring for Sutton’s vulnerable adults and children. Following COVID-19, more people are needing our help, while the cost of services is increasing.

Find out how we’re going to protect those needing our care and support Sutton’s recovery over the next 12 months.

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