An inclusive place for everyone

By 2027, Sutton will be a place where people from all backgrounds feel included and get on well together, with support for our young people, families, older people, and vulnerable residents. View our Corporate Plan PDF.

Our ambitions

  • Continue to promote equality and inclusion to make Sutton a great place for our diverse communities 
  • Focus on mental health and supportive communities 
  • Provide care and support to those people who need it most, and support people to remain independent as long as possible 

How will we do this?

  • Work with our partners, including youth services to support schools, parents and children and young people, to improve their mental health and wellbeing 

  • Deliver a new Family Hub Model alongside partners to support families to access a range of universal support services more easily

  • Ensure enough school places for Sutton residents, including high-quality places for pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

  • Deliver reforms for children and young people with special education needs and disabilities (SEND)

  • Work with partners to integrate support for Children and Young People across health and social care 

  • Improve the lives of looked after children, including ensuring more children have the opportunity to live in Sutton or nearby 

  • Provide inclusive playgrounds for children

  • Work with our partners to deliver a 'school superzone' in the Roundshaw area to help reduce childhood obesity rates 

  • Improve youth provision in the Borough

  • Work with partners to deliver a programme to transform mental health support across South West London

  • Encourage physical activity to improve health outcomes

  • Ensure that all adult social care services provided by and commissioned on behalf of the Council meet the highest delivery standards

  • Create an Enablement Service to support adults with a learning disability to increase their independence and maximise the independence of residents by offering grants for equipment, home adaptations and assistive technologies

  • Deliver 'dementia friendly' initiatives through libraries and heritage houses and become an Age Friendly community

  • Ensure that residents from a wide range of backgrounds are engaged in plans for the future of the borough on an ongoing basis, to ensure that Sutton is an inclusive and welcoming place for our diverse communities

  • Champion equality, diversity and inclusion across Sutton through strong partnerships

  • Continue to play an active role in the Fairness Commission, working alongside our partners, to make Sutton a more equal and inclusive place for everyone 

  • Develop and deliver a violence against women and girls strategy which brings together work with partners across the borough, including; White Ribbon Accreditation work, community safety initiatives, and the Womens Night Time Safety Charter

  • Work with the voluntary and community sector to support refugees, migrants and asylum seekers, including taking part in the London Councils "fair shares" plan

  • Work with partners to raise awareness of hate crime and how to report it, including delivering hate crime awareness events

  • Promote equality, diversity and inclusion across our workforce to support all staff to feel comfortable to be themselves, deliver their best work and ensure our workforce reflects the diversity of Sutton as a place

An exclusive place for everyone