If work has been carried out without Building Regulation approval, you can apply for a Regularisation certificate.

Regularisation applications can only be made if your building work was completed on or after 11 November 1985.

Before a certificate can be issued, we will need to inspect the work. We will tell you if the work needs to be exposed and if any further work needs to be done, in order for a proof of compliance certificate to be issued. 

Apply for a regularisation certificate

Using one of the online forms is the quickest way for us to process your application. 

You can submit and pay for a regularisation certificate online:

Complete the online form on the Planning portal

Alternatively you can send in your building control application via submitaplan. 

Both websites are building control portals. They enable anyone with access to the internet to submit an application online to local authorities, free of charge.

Other ways to apply

You can:

How much it costs

You can find the costs of applications on our building control fees page.

You can pay online or over the phone by calling 020 8770 5000.