You’ll need to apply for a licence to put certain structures on the highway. This includes:

  • hoarding
  • scaffolding
  • temporary fencing
  • a crane or cherry picker

You can only apply if you’re a registered company.

Make sure you read our terms and conditions for a Temporary Structure licence.

Apply for a licence online

Apply for a Temporary Structure licence

Once we’ve received your application, we’ll contact you to arrange a site inspection. 

How we evaluate your application

The site inspection is to ensure that the proposed work will not cause an inconvenience or any risk to a road user's health and safety.

Permission may be given subject to conditions which may relate to: 

  • approved footpath/road closure
  • nature of work
  • time scale
  • the impact on local amenities

At all times applicants maintain a walkway to a minimum of 1.2m width. This is to maintain a satisfactory walkway to pedestrians and consideration for disabled people.

A licence is valid for 4 weeks. It will only be issued to you when the site visit has taken place.


Payment will be taken after the licence application is approved.

Licence costs
Type of licence Amount
Scaffolding and hoarding Licence

£283.61 fixed fee

Additional deposit of £400 is also required)

Temporary fencing £225.00 fixed fee
Mobile Crane 3 operations in 28 days £281.05
Cherry Picker 3 operations in 28 days £281.05
Pre-commencement site survey £312.73