Submitting an application

There are four types of application, please read the descriptions below to make sure you select the correct option when submitting your application;

Electronic applications

Apply online

Electronic applications can be submtted via the Planning Portal. Electronic applications are the fastest way to submit your application, you can also make an electronic payment enabling your application to be processed as soon as possible.

Alternatively you can send in your building control application via submitaplan.

Both websites are building control portals that enable anyone, with access to the web, to submit applications electronically to local authorities free of charge.

Application forms to download

Applications can be emailed to Building Control

Download form for Building Notices, Full Plans & Regularisations

Download form for Demolition Notice

Types of application

Building notices

  • Building notices can be submitted for extensions and other domestic alterations
  • Building notices must be submitted 48 hours before work begins
  • Notices must be submitted with details of the proposed work and relevant drawings and structural calculations
  • Notices must be submitted with the appropriate fees

Full plans (Deposit of Plans)

  • Any building works other than work to single family dwellings must be made via the full plans route
  • Full plans must be submitted if you wish to obtain formal approval before work begins
  • Applications must include three copies of drawings, calculations where necessary and any fire/means of escape requirements 
  • Applications must be submitted with the appropriate fee
  • We will acknowledge your application and inform you if it is incomplete
  • We will approve applications wherever possible or give a conditional approval
  • We will only reject the application if it is in breach of the Building Regulations


  • If work has been carried out without Building Regulation approval you can apply for a Regularisation
  • Only unauthorised works that have been carried out since 11th November 1985 may be dealt with under the Regularisation process
  • Before a certificate can be issued the work must be inspected and proof of compliance provided


  • Please note a charge of £110 will apply when making an application  
  • This covers both the administrative and professional costs in registering, notifying interested parties as well as any necessary site inspections to ensure the work is completed satisfactorily
  • Download our demolition