Change your address

If you are moving home, you can let us know online.

Change your address

Other ways to change your address

If you’re moving into a new build or not registered for MyAccount, you won’t be able to let us know online.

You can:

Council Tax Team,
Civic Offices,
St Nicholas Way,

What you’ll need to tell us

To change your address, you'll need to tell us:

  • your new address
  • who has moved into the property
  • the date your tenancy starts or the sale completes, and the date you’re moving in (if it’s different)
  • the full name and address of your landlord or letting agents (if you're renting) or solicitor (if you own the property)
  • the previous owner or tenants forwarding address 

If you're moving into Sutton

If you are moving into Sutton from another borough, your old council will charge you up to the date you left. 

Check the Council Tax band and amounts for your new address.

You can also find out about available Council Tax discounts and exemptions.

If you are moving from one Sutton address to another

Once you’ve told us you’re moving, we will charge you from the date of completion (if you own the property) or from the date your tenancy starts (if you're renting).

We will:

  • send you a revised bill showing anything you still owe for your old address
  • send you a new bill for your new address

Check the Council Tax band and amounts for your new address.

If you are moving out of Sutton

We’ll charge you Council Tax until the date your tenancy ends or your property is sold, even if you’ve moved out before this date.

You can find out about empty property discounts and exemptions which apply if you’ve had to leave your property.

Your new Council will charge you from the day you move in. 

We will issue a refund for any overpayments when we close your account.