Sutton Council’s Crisis Loan & Grant scheme changes

Sutton Council’s Crisis Loan & Grant scheme, which has provided essential financial assistance to vulnerable residents in times of emergency, will be closing the online application process from 16 April 2024. 

While making changes to the scheme may be a cause for concern for those who have relied on it in the past, the Council would like to assure residents that alternative support mechanisms have been put in place to ensure that those who require additional assistance continue to receive the help they need. This will include signposting to other voluntary services and providing advice on accessing financial assistance through other means. 

It is important for residents to be aware of these changes and to plan accordingly. Seeking financial advice and support early on can help to alleviate any potential future financial difficulties. Additionally, staying informed about available resources and services in the community can also ensure that individuals are able to access the support they need in times of crisis. 

Below are links to services that can provide additional advice and support to Sutton’s residents.