A disabled persons Freedom Pass allows free travel on:

  • public transport across London
  • local bus journeys nationally

Read about how and when you can use the pass on the London Councils website. https://www.londoncouncils.gov.uk/services/freedom-pass/using-pass

You’ll also find the latest information about travel restrictions for social distancing.

Check if you’re eligible 

You can apply for a disabled persons Freedom Pass if you:

  • are blind or partially sighted
  • are profoundly or severely deaf
  • are without speech
  • have a disability, or have suffered an injury, which has left them with a substantial and long-term adverse effect on their ability to walk
  • do not have arms or have a long-term loss of the use of both arms
  • have a learning disability that is defined as 'a state of arrested or incomplete development of mind which includes significant impairment of intelligence and social functioning'
  • have applied for a driving licence under the Road Traffic Act your application would be refused on the ground’s of medical fitness 

Applying for a Freedom Pass

If you have an eligible disability, you may be able to get a disabled person's freedom pass by:

Visit London Council's website for information on the Disabled Persons Freedom Pass.

Accessible travel support

You can get more information about accessible travel by visiting: