Do you want to be part of a short film about Sutton?

28 Jul 2022

The London Borough of Sutton has commissioned Victor Films to produce a short choreographed film that combines community participation with the science pioneered at the London Cancer Hub. 

The film is the first project to be realised in the context of Sutton STEAMs Ahead - the programme funded by the 2023 Cultural Impact Award the Council received in 2019.

This is going to be an expressive moving image piece, featuring members of the local community forming changing cell structures filmed with a drone camera across a variety of the borough's land and urban-scapes.

To realise the project, Victor Films is looking for help from local volunteers and call for: 

  • Enthusiastic local residents to participate in the film choreography - no previous dance experience is needed, and adult volunteers of all ages and abilities are welcome. Your devotion merely requires the occasional morning or afternoon in August (schedule below) under the guidance and support of a dance choreographer and experienced director. Social and local community groups are welcome!

The project promises to be a fun-filled and rewarding enterprise for everybody involved - plus your name will be featured in the film credits. This is a great opportunity to be part of a unique film exploring Sutton as a centre for science and innovation, whilst getting first-hand experience in a professional film - and try your skills at dancing! 

Dance volunteer schedule: (Adults only, 18+)

Thursday 4 August: 9am-1pm - JOY! Social dancing amongst the lavender*

Mayfield Lavender Farm, 1 Carshalton Road, Banstead SM7 3JA

Upon arrival, staff at Mayfield Lavender will direct drivers to the specific filming location. 

*This is a large site and is best accessed by car or bicycle.

Saturday 13 August: 9am-1pm - Colourful cell circles; simple movements, fun!  

Benhill Estate, directly opposite Thomas Wall Centre, 52 Benhill Avenue, Sutton, SM1 4DP

Sunday 14 August: 4pm-6:30pm - Crazy Golf: patterns of people; groups and formations! 

Sassis in the Grove, Grove Cottage, 1 High Street, Carshalton, SM5 3BB

Sunday 21 August: 9am-1pm - Beautiful Vibrant River

Manor Park Cafe, Manor Park, Throwley Way, Sutton, SM1 4BF 

A slow meandering long colourful line of people, walking all the way down Sutton High Street with large silks, and chiffon scarves. 

If you have any large colourful chiffon scarves, or very large, light pieces of colourful material, please feel highly encouraged to bring them on the day. 

Register your interest

You can register in advance by completing this form.

Once registered, you’ll receive an email back from your Google Form submission with a summary of all information - don’t forget to save the date, time and location. You will then be able to turn up on the day and participate in the fun.

Info for participants, for all scenes: (Adults only, 18+)

  • All locations are easily reached by car/train/bus, within Sutton Borough
  • This is a voluntary role and community project: as such, please be aware there will be no monetary payment for your time, and no expenses covered (parking/travel expense etc)
  • Most of our locations are open air. As such, please bring your own refreshments, should you feel you need any. If you are staying for a long session, please bring lunch, specific dietary and medical requirements along with appropriate attire for the weather, such as bottled water, sun cream, raincoat, umbrella etc
  • You will be working with a professional film crew; therefore we require all participants to arrive on time, and stay until the end time given, within reason
  • You should wear vibrant colourful clothes that you can move in (top/trousers/skirt/dress etc) 
    • Ideally no white, black, beige or brown
    • No labels/written words/names/obvious logos 
    • Footwear: Needs to be comfortable as you will be moving/walking etc
    • Hair/makeup: Very natural - just as you normally appear everyday is fine 
    • No jewellery/watches in the interest of safety in movement
  • Covid: If you are displaying covid symptoms (headache, fatigue, sickness, cough, cold); are testing positive, or feeling unwell, please do not attend.

About Victor Films

You can view previous works by Victor Films here.

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