Election results for Carshalton & Wallington constituency

05 Jul 2024

Elected: Bobby Dean & Liberal Democrats

Carshalton & Wallington Candidates

Election Candidate 




Abdul Rashid, Atif Workers Party 441 Not Elected
Colburn, Elliot Local Conservatives 12,221 Not Elected
Cooper, Elizabeth Reform UK 5,941 Not Elected
Dean, Bobby Liberal Democrats 20,126 Elected
Dickenson, Ashley Christian Peoples Alliance 231 Not Elected
Hague, Tracey The Green Party 1,517 Not Elected
Kelleher, Steve Social Democratic Party 85 Not Elected
Thaker, Hersh Labour Party 6,108 Not Elected


Voting Summary

Total Votes 46,670
Electorate 74,362
Number of ballot papers rejected 117
Turnout 62.92%


The number of ballot papers rejected was as follows:

A. Want an official mark 0            
B. Voting for more candidates than voter was entitled to 36
C. Writing or mark by which voter could be identified  2
D. Being unmarked or wholly void for uncertainty 79
Total 117